پک کامل کود Flora Series

جهت کشت هیدروپونیک ( کشت بدون خاک )

مورد استفاده گلخانه داران توت فرنگی  ، خیار و صیفیجات

محتویات بسته شامل:

Good Things Come in Threes

Flora Series consists of three highly concentrated liquid nutrients

  • FloraGro builds strong roots during a plant's vegetative stage.
  • FloraMicro is used during a plant's growth and bloom cycles.
  • FloraBloom is added while a plant is fruiting and/or flowering.

By using different combinations of these products, you can fulfill each plant's exact nutrient needs based on its growth stage and environment. Your plants will receive the ideal balance of primary, secondary and micronutrients — and the results will show. Get ready for vigorous plants, large flowers, enhanced yields and nutrient-dense crops

Flora Series is a favorite among millions of growers, gardeners, scientists and researchers worldwide. See why for yourself

Features. Floraseries advance nutrient system performance pack.. Designed to excel in coco hydroponics soil media.. Includes the following - 16 oz. Floramicro 16 oz. Floragro 16 oz. Florabloom 8 oz. Florablend 8 oz.Liquid koolbloom 4 oz. Florakleen oz. Rapid start oz. Floralicious plus oz. Ph test indicator.. Dimension



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